9 Dreams Dance performance


South-India and Andalusia. The onstage met the tradition and passion. The emotional saturation and rhythmic similarities inspire the event.

Autumn is a time of change, of physical and spiritual renewal. A time of vibrant, creative energy, India’s Festival of Nine Nights lasts for ten days and nine nights, when traditionally music and dance celebrate the ancient cosmic force that maintains balance in the universe. A special feature of the evening is that it features 9 dreams associated with the Indian festival of Navaratri – 9 Nights, and it takes place at the exact time of the festival.

Bharatanatyam and Flamenco.
Although one genre originates from South India and the other from Andalusia, the emotional saturation and rhythmic similarities of the two styles inspired the creators to perform them together. The two performers evoke manifestations of the energy that brings change, inspired by their dreamlike encounters as they go on their way.

Bharatanatyam – Bittner Meenakshi Dóra
Flamenco – József Csaba Fülöp

Location: Budapest, Márai Sándor Cultural House, Krisztina Square, Hungary
Date: 01.10.2022
Starting time: 19:00
Admission: 2000 HUF – 2400 HUF

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Budapest, Márai Sándor Művelődési Ház, Krisztina tér, Magyarország


2400 / 2000 Ft EUR

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