Creative Poster Exhibition

09.09.2022 - 09.10.2022

The ARC Exhibition, which can be visited day and night for a month, is about the freedom of creativity. It has been the most visited public exhibition in Hungary for years, and is considered one of the most significant opinion-shaping events. The title of this year’s exhibition is “Bubbles”, so the organizers expected posters that resonate with our present and refer to the bubbles in which we all live. Those interested will be able to view the exciting works as usual in Bikás Park between September 8 and October 8.

ARC is best known for the annual ARC Well-Being Competition and Exhibition. Since 2000, it has been about the freedom of creativity. Anyone can apply unlimitedly, and the exhibitions are open and can be viewed for free 24/7. For 21 years, it has been participating in social processes as an image cultural event presenting creative thoughts and forming opinions. Today, it is a traditional part of Budapest’s cultural offer, and its importance goes beyond the exhibitions. They quote it, talk about it, refer to it.
The most visited public exhibition in Hungary.

Location: Bikás Park
Date: September 9 – October 9
Time: All day

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Budapest, Bikás park, Magyarország


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