Walks At The Botanical Garden

24.09.2022 - 12.11.2022

Urban Jungle Budapest is preparing a program that moves all the senses. After a two-year hiatus, you can once again take part in herb walks, and also a new gastro program in addition. Those interested can choose from three dates when to visit the most beautiful garden in the city, the ELTE Botanical Garden.

At Urban Jungle Budapest’s newest herb garden walk, it’s all about edible plants and eating. The leader of the walk is Nóra Hadobás, founder of UJB, regular author of the BBC GoodFood Magazine, an always hungry gastro enthusiast who likes talking about food as much as eating it. More than that, she only likes plants, so she combined everything that fills her with joy and enthusiasm in a two-hour walking program, hoping that from time to time she will find walking companions with whom she can share the information she has gathered in her head over the years.

Did you know, for example, that lemons, kiwis, tea and rice are also grown in Hungary? That certain types of bananas are eaten not only as a dessert, but also as a side dish? Have you ever heard of the world-famous lowland chamomile? There are plenty of plant-based gastro stories just waiting to be shared with you, paying special attention to Hungarian stories.

The walk also includes 3-5 small tastings per person related to our themes, since the two hours cannot pass without indulging the taste buds. Curiosities, oddities, sweet and salty snacks – any kind of surprise can be in the bottles.

To whom do we recommend the program? For everyone who likes to eat, cook, taste new things or rediscover old ones and is ready to scan the supermarket shelves with a completely different eye after the program.

Available Dates:
📆09.24. (Saturday) 10.00-12.00
📆10.16. (Sunday) 10.00-12.00
📆11.12. (Saturday) 10.00-12.00

The price of the walking ticket includes the price of the entrance ticket to the Botanical Garden and the professional guided tour during the 120-minute program, as well as the price of the tastings. Redeemed tickets are non-refundable, but transferable.

Location: ELTE Botanical Garden
Date: September 24, October 16, November 12
Time: 10:00-12:00

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Budapest, ELTE Füvészkert, Illés utca, Magyarország


4990 Ft EUR

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