Gabi & Bob Zé Acoustic Duo

02.09.2022 - 30.12.2022

Mixát Yard will host a truly special musical duo on Friday, namely Gabi and Bob Zé. The duo is active in the Brazilian MBP genre, mostly performing covers, sometimes accompanied by a Brazilian pandeiros/percussion musician. If they win your heart at the event, the band is also open to invitations, they are happy to create this magical atmosphere anywhere.

Bob Zé, the duo’s guitarist, was born in “Pão-de-açúcar” in Alagoas. It originates from the northeastern part of Brazil, bringing with it the heritage of rhythms from there, samba and bossa nova. Self-taught, multi-instrumentalist, he plays jazz and blues in his own unique way.

Gabi, the singer of the duo, was born in Vajdaság, and in the last 7-8 years she has explored almost the entire palette of Brazilian culture in Budapest. She came into contact with the genre of MPB in a special way: during samba dance lessons, a song was played, which made her curious, then she started researching and thus discovered this musical style.

About MPB in a few sentences:
MPB (Musica Popular Brasilera)
“MPB” refers to contemporary middle-class popular music in Brazil, starting with a generation that emerged around 1965. It is a hybrid music that first arose in the second generation of bossa nova, when many composers and performers turned away from jazzy sophistication, the original style from heritage The MPB identifies urban popular music—that is, as distinct from folkloric, traditional, or rural—yet has a broadly defined national orientation to distinguish it from foreign imports and other new national forms considered.
Our duo will demonstrate arrangements of songs by artists such as Vanessa da Mata, Tribalistas, Roberta Campos, Adriana Calcanhotto, who visited Budapest last year, but also a samba and a song from the Cape Verde Islands, in Creole…

Location: Mixát Udvar
Date: September 2
Time: 20:30-22:00

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Budapest, Mixát, Krúdy Utca, Magyarország


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