Instrumental Day For Families


You can take part in a really special, relaxing event at the end of September at the Castle Garden Bazaar. Participants can come into closer contact with various musical instruments and learn interesting facts about them. The organizers paid special attention to ensure that the program is enjoyable for both children and adults, so it will be worth to visit with your family as well.

Did you know that the accordion has pipes, just like the organ? Why does the cello have a neck, a body, and even a soul? How many strings does a harp have, and why are pedals needed? How many types of trumpets do you know, and how was the trumpet used in ancient times different from the one used today? How do our audio tapes work and how is it possible for a single singer to be heard with an entire orchestra?
The many questions that arise about musical instruments and the human voice will all be answered at a playful musical instrument presentation, where both children and adults will be able to play the various musical instruments. All of this combined with a mini-concert gives a complete picture of the role played by instruments in classical music, and in a playful way brings the younger and older members of the audience closer to what the magic of music means to humanity.

Klára Bábel – solo harpist of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Zsuzsanna Bojta – Bach for Everyone Festival Award singer
Mihály Demeniv – accordionist, teacher at the Béla Bartók Academy of Music
Bence Horváth – solo trumpeter of the Hungarian State Opera House
Anita Miskolczi – cellist of the Hungarian State Opera House

Location: Várkert Bazaar, Event Hall
Date: September 25
Time: 10:00

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Budapest, Várkert Bazár, Ybl Miklós tér, Hungary


1500 Ft EUR

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