Around The Earth In 80 Days Premiere


You can watch the adaptation of Gyula Verne’s well-known novel on Thursday at the Városmajor Open Air Theater. The play, the script of which was written by Réka Divinyi and the music by members of the Lóci Játszik band, will be directed by László Magács. The promising play will accompany the English gentleman Phileas Fogg’s crazy journey full of excitement.

Phileas Fogg is an English gentleman by blood, who lives his life according to a precise schedule. He makes an impossible bet to travel around the world in 80 days, because according to the schedule it is possible. But the world doesn’t care about the schedule nor Mr. Fogg’s plans, and so begins a crazy journey by train, ship, horseback, elephant, ice sail and all other vehicles.

The performance is 90 minutes without intermission.

Location: Városmajor Outdoor Theater
Date: August 18
Time: 20:00

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Budapest, Városmajori Szabadtéri Színpad, Magyarország


3700-5800 Ft EUR

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