Zumbini Baby-Mommy Program

12.08.2022 - 16.09.2022

Zumbini organizes a baby-mama program every Friday in Orczy Park! Good mood is guaranteed if you visit the music-dance movement development session, where children and their mothers can play and relax outdoors.

– The Zumbini baby-mama program has been running with great success in Hungary for 5 years.

💃 Dancing, musical movement development program for ages 0-5, with rhythm instruments, small and large movements, freely, with lots of fun.

💖 Our team is passionate about their work, we welcome children of any age and needs with a huge smile and expertise. We believe that the brave superhero resides in every child, and it is best to discover this when they are having fun, selflessly, arm in arm with their mother.

🌳 We currently hold our classes outdoors, with sufficient distance, but still together, in person. We provide other equipment, packed separately for everyone and freshly disinfected.

🔥 How can you join? 🔥

We operate like a club to provide regularity and security for the little ones. We know that long-term commitment is complicated as summer approaches, so you can currently buy 5 SUITABLE PASSES, which include a 6th gift opportunity.

🧐 What will you need? 🧐

– a blanket of your own
– drink, snack or fruit at the end of class
– comfortable, layered clothing that you won’t regret when you’re lounging around

🙋 Is it necessary to register in advance? 🙋

You make our job so much easier with it, and you’ll definitely have gear if you do.
Whether by phone, e-mail, chat, whatever.
If you swam and didn’t have time, don’t let that hold you back, we’d love to see you anyway!

🗺️ Where exactly did you find it?
From Ludovika tér, arriving through the small gate, opposite the large meadow.
📱 Name of instructor:
Anita Rabi-Fáczán

Location: Orczy Park
Date: August 12
Time: 10:00-10:45

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Budapest, Orczy-kert, Orczy út, Magyarország


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