Amy Herzog: Oh Grandma! Play

10.08.2022 - 12.08.2022

You can choose from three dates this week to watch Amy Herzog’s highly successful, heartwarming work, Oh Grandma! The play gives an insight into two perspectives of two generations, through touching and at the same time humorous scenes. Piroska Molnár, the Kossuth- and Jászai Mari award-winning actress, will play the lead role.

Premiere Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 8:30 p.m
Additional performances: 8/11/2022 and 8/12/2022 8:30 p.m.
Rainy days: 13.08.2022 and 14.08.2022 at 20:30
Actors: Piroska Molnár, Barnabás Rohonyi, Lili László

If your grandson rings the bell at three in the morning, pushing a bicycle with a big backpack, saying that he just wanted to pop in, what does a good grandmother do? First, he puts a hearing aid in his ear, and then he sets about providing accommodation for the big traveler. This is how the comedy, which won great international critical and audience success, begins, in which two generations, two separate worlds, two ways of thinking and many unsaid words are mixed into a heart-warming and humorous cocktail.

As one critic wrote: “If you have a heavy heart or just want a little bit of warmth, see this play. If you are a member of the great generation and can’t understand your grandchild, or if you are of the Y-generation and your grandparents freak out, see this play. And if you just love theater, see this play.”

Playwright: Gergely Zöldi
Translated by Gergely Zöldi
Design: Péter Ondraschek
Costume: Julcsi Kiss
Poster: László Csáfordi
Directing staff: Zsuzsa Szakács / Miklós Varga
Director: Máté Szabó
Producer: Tibor Orlai

Location: Benczúr House Cultural Center
Date: August 10, 11, 12
Time: 20:30-22:00

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Budapest, Benczúr Ház Kulturális Központ, Benczúr utca, Magyarország


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