SUP Shooting Star Tour

12.08.2022 - 14.08.2022

If you would also like to see the arrival of the Perseid meteor shower this year, the SUP shooting star tour offers a great opportunity! Paddled out to Egyfás Island, without the lights and noise of the city, you can admire the arrival of shooting stars, sitting next to a cozy campfire.

One of our favorite summer activities is to row out to a dark place free of light pollution, where we watch the arrival of the Perseid meteor shower together.

In August 12-14 we spend several evenings and nights outdoors. Even before dark, we row out to Egyfás Island at sunset (if the water level allows it, if not, we look for another suitable place), build a fire, fry bacon, then look at the sky together.

Those willing to sleep outside can expect to get through the night with a sleeping bag. Those who do not stay the night will have the opportunity to leave the site at midnight, with the others we row back to the Római coast at sunrise.

Meeting for those sleeping outside: 18:00 SUP Budapest base

The price of the program: HUF 8,000 (With your own SUP board, HUF 3,000, the meeting for them and those who do not sleep outside is at the end of Lupasziget street at 6:30 p.m. At night, we only paddle back to this point, while those who sleep outside in the morning to Római-Part.)

We provide equipment, life jackets, bacon, bread / hot pot food. Bring anything else you want to eat or drink with you. We provide music. Bring a headlamp and flashlight with you.

Location: Egyfás Island
Date: 12-14
Time: 22:00-6:00

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Szigetmonostor, Egyfás-sziget, Magyarország


8000 Ft EUR

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