FOKUS Optik Prima RUN Prague


The Fokus Optik Prima run is a unique five-kilometre race that is all about having fun, although the race is timed and many are fighting hard for the audience. The run is designed for couples who want to enjoy running together, as well as individuals who want to run the course alone.

Of course, children can also register. The children will run in the following categories: the class of 2017 – 2019 run 300 meters, the class of 2014 – 2016 run 300 meters, the class of 2011 – 2013 run 635 meters, the class of 2007 – 2010 run 1000 meters.

There will be an autograph session with the actors from the ZOO series.

Place: Exhibition Grounds, Prague 7-Holešovice, Czech Republic
Date: Saturday, 20.08.2022
Start: 10:00 – 16:00
For couples the entry fee with entry to the fun zone is 560 CZK, for singles 300 CZK, for the little ones 100 CZK.

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Výstaviště, Praha 7-Holešovice, Česko


100 - 560 Kč EUR

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