Park Cinema

03.08.2022 - 24.08.2022

The B32 park cinema in Újbuda welcomes those interested with an exciting program every Wednesday in August! This year’s films focus on true stories, we can see a couple of really touching, captivating and excellent films. The viewers can listen to the works through infrared headphones, and they will also be able to enjoy them in front of the cinema, in the middle of the street.

Every Wednesday again in August, B32 Parkmozi! This year there will be true stories on the table, including wonderful, liberating and captivating realities! Get your ticket as soon as possible, and we will provide the delicious popcorn!

August 3. – A Viszkis

Hungarian action film, 122 minutes, 2017
Recommended for children under 16 under adult supervision.
Budapest racing with the anti-hero of the action thriller based on the life of Attila Ambrus. The former ice hockey player robbed around 29 financial institutions, post offices and travel agencies over the course of six years, earning the admiration of the Hungarian public.
Director: Antal Nimród

August 10. – A létezés eufóriája

Hungarian documentary, 83 minutes, 2019
Recommended for children under 12 under adult supervision

At the age of 20, Éva Fahidi came home alone from Auschwitz-Birkenau, where 49 members of her family were killed, including her mother, father and little sister. At the age of 90, he receives an irresistible invitation to appear on stage with a young and internationally renowned dancer…
Director: Réka Szabó

August 17. – Mesék a Zárkából

Hungarian-English-Croatian documentary, 83 minutes, 2020
Recommended for children under 12 under adult supervision
Tales of fathers in prison, children left at home, families torn apart. Fathers write stories, based on which fairy-tale films are made, in which the main characters are the father and his child. This joint creative process allows entry into their lives, into their difficult-to-operate relationships. Can the closeness created in the world of fantasy become real, or is it stuck at the level of some kind of artificially created illusion?
Director: Ábel Visky

August 28. – Egy Mindenkiért

Hungarian documentary, 80 minutes
Recommended for children under 6 under adult supervision

A documentary that tells the story of Áron Szilágyi, three-time Olympic champion, with the density of a feature film, the most important stages of his career and his action-packed preparation for the upcoming competitions.
Director: András Pires Muhi

Location: B32 Gallery and Culture Square
Date: August 3, 10, 17, 24
Time: 21:00

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Budapest, B32 Galéria és Kultúrtér, Bartók Béla út, Magyarország


1500 Ft EUR

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