Adventure Walks

01.08.2022 - 31.12.2022

The Pagony bookstore organises outdoor detective games all year round based on well-loved children’s stories. In August, you can take part in the average 1.5-2 hour program at several times, which is recommended for both families and groups of friends. During the city walk, the participants can have an adventure in the fairy-tale parts of Budapest, enriching themselves with a lot of new and interesting information.

The adventure walks always start from Pagony’s shops, here you will get the quest, which always belongs to one of your favorite books: first, we have made it exciting for you making your trips about the novels of Judit Berg, Erzsi Kertész and Dániel András’s to locations in Budapest, around Pozsonyi út and Gellért Square.
Since the teams move independently, you don’t have to adapt to anyone. You can go through the puzzles at your own pace, no one will rush you, you will have time to wander around the hilly streets of Buda and Újlipótváros, starting from Bartók Pagony, Pagony Play House and Pozsonyi Pagony, as well as Szent István Park.

In addition, we invented the adventure walks in such a way that they are not too exhausting even for the little ones: you will cover a shorter section of the road during the game, with playgrounds and cafes nearby, where you can rest a bit. But you can also quickly get back to the bookstore, where you will of course find a washroom and a changing room.

The appointment is made online, so it is also very convenient and can be done in a few minutes. When you arrive at the store, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, the adventure walk can start.

It is often asked whether it is necessary to know the tales on which the adventure walks are based in order to play the game. The answer is no, of course it is not necessary. The adventure walk is equally exciting and achievable for everyone. You may know the characters and authors of the tales from before, but the stories will be new to everyone!

In addition, the children are enriched with a lot of new information and interesting facts about the city’s history. They get to know parts of the city that may not have been known until now, and they learn that adventures can be had not only in distant regions, but also where we live.

Location: Pagony Bookstores
Date: August, several times

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Budapest, Bartók Pagony, Bartók Béla út, Magyarország


7900 Ft EUR

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