Gürtel Nightwalk Festival


It’s not every day that a major street gets to host a music festival in its honour. Unless, of course, that street is the Gürtel, which is home to many bars and venues in a more culturally urban part of Vienna. During the annual Gürtel Nightwalk, railway arches and tarmac echo to the sound of live concerts.

Every year, many bars and venues along a 1 km stretch on Vienna’s west side open their doors and spill out onto the street for the Gürtel Nightwalk, a showcase of popular culture and music.

Several small venues on the Gürtel, such as B72 and Chelsea, are intertwined with the local music scene. And, of course, music is at the heart of the Nightwalk festival. On both open-air and indoor stages, dozens of DJs and live acts will be there to provide the best entertainment for all visitors of this one day street festival.

The variety of genres of concerts includes ska, samba, pop, punk, rock, reggae, singer-songwriters, and more.

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2022
Start: tba
Entry: free
Contact: Guertel nightwalk´s FB page

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Wiener Gürtel Straße, Viedeň, Rakúsko



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