Bratislava Hot Serenaders concert


Sunday jazz music concert – the Croatian Canal near the Petržalka City playground.

The Bratislava Hot Serenaders Orchestra is one of the few closely profiled musical ensembles in Slovakia, which has been active since 1992. It focuses on so-called Hot Jazz or Sweet and Dance Music – this music came from America to Europe in the late 1920s. The musicians of the orchestra were also inspired by the personality of the singer František Krištof Veselý, whose popularity grew especially in the early 1940s. A number of Veselý’s songs have long been an integral part of the Bratislava Hot Serenaders’ concert programme.

The Bratislava Hot Serenaders orchestra has eleven CD albums to its credit – “Prvé rendez-vous” (1998), “Cotton Club Stomp” (2003), “The Broken Record” (2006), “Take It Easy” (2008), “Lonely Melody” (Radio Head Awards 2014), “Ja vodku rád pijem” (2016), “25th Anniversary Tour” (2017) and the latest “I Like That” (2018). In addition to the profile albums, he has recorded three successful albums sung by Milan Lasic – “I am an Optimist” (2001), “The Whole World is Frowning” (2002) and “When Time Stood Still” (2011). The album “I am an optimist” was even the best-selling CD in the competition of all musical genres for two months and in February 2002 it was awarded a golden record. In January 2003, the orchestra received a platinum record along with a gold record for the album “All the World is Frowning”. A selection from both CDs was used to make the first Slovak music DVD “Milan Lasica & Bratislava Hot Serenaders”. The album Lonely Melody won the Radio_Head Award 2014 and the album I Like That won the Esprit Public Award 2018.

Location: at the bend of the Croatian Canal near the Petržalka City playground
Date: Sunday, 10.07.2022
Start: 14:00
Admission: free

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Petržalka, Slovakia



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