08.07.2022 - 10.07.2022

This year’s special anniversary edition of ULICA Festival will take place in Krakow on July 8-10, 2022. For three festival days filled to the brim with stunning outdoor shows, concerts, performances for children and…. premieres – the eyes of Krakow residents, visitors and tourists from Poland and around the world will turn to the most beautiful squares of the capital of Malopolska:

🔸Main Square
🔸Jan Nowak-Jezioranski Square by Galeria Krakowska
🔸Small Market Square
🔸Podgórski Square

and hospitable spaces
🔸Museum of Engineering and Technology
🔸The Archaeological Museum of Krakow
🔸 Zamoyskiego St.
🔸The performances will also be shown in Tarnów, Limanowa and Niepołomice.

It is in these spaces that street art will look towards the “Polish horizon” – the leitmotif of this edition of the festival.
From behind it will emerge broad references to social events, those played out long ago and those recurring, whose participants we are again.

🌍 During the 35th ULICA Festival there will be no shortage of theaters from Poland and the world.

On the program:
🔸Theaters from abroad:
⧽Afuma (Togo).
⧽Agro the Clown (Italy).
⧽Cia.Maduixa (Spain).
⧽Ici’bas Company (Switzerland).
⧽Joan Català (Spain).
⧽Kamchàtka (Spain).

🔸Polish premieres:
⧽Krakow Dance Theater “The Big Prince”. – dir. by Erik Makohon and Wojciech Faruga
⧽”Lives of Settlement Saints. District XIII” – dir. by Karina Grabowska-Fialek

🔸Polish theaters:
⧽Theater Biuro Podróży.
⧽Theater Gate from Goleniów.
⧽Pjoter (Piotr Chlipalski).
⧽Theater of Ludwik Solski in Tarnow, Poland.
⧽Theater of Shadow Evolution.
⧽HoM theater.
⧽Theater Makata
⧽Teatr Migro
⧽Nikola Theatre
⧽Teatr Klinika Lalek (Puppet Clinic Theatre)
⧽Theater KTO

🔸Theaters for children:
⧽Teatr Lalki i Aktora “KubuĹ›” in Kielce.
⧽Theater Pinezka
⧽Theater Happiness – Felix the Clown.
⧽Theater Wagabunda

⧽Bartosz Głowacki
⧽Band from under Rubani

🔸Workshops concluded with an open show:
⧽Performance Art Studies (Germany).
“Distorted Horizon”. –
A 5-day educational program on performance art in urban space, ending with a presentation on the Main Square in Krakow. Hosted by BBB Johannes Deimling and Monika Deimling.
The workshop is implemented within the framework of KTO Theater’s project “Four Shades of Theater,” co-financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA) 2014-2021, Culture Program, Measure 2 Improving Access to Culture and the Arts.

⧽FOTOGALICJA Association “ULICA Festival in the lens” | Vis-Ă -Vis.
⧽Theater Wagabunda “Menagerie” | Small Market.

“Polish Horizon”
July 8-10, 2022

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KrakĂłw, Poland



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