Björnö Nature Reserve

01.07.2022 - 31.08.2022

If you´re looking for a beautiful scenery, look no further than to Björnö. One of the most amazing places for hiking, but also for swimming in hot summer days! All that and amazing forest atmosphere guarantee you blissful time.

Located on the tip of Ingarö, Björnö is a beloved nature reserve in the Stockholm archipelago. With its mix of open sea and green islands, it’s popular with both hikers and swimmers. You’ll find farmland, beaches, pine forests, and wetland. The nature reserve has a lovely forest trail for hikers, as well as an underwater snorkel trail and kayak-rentals.

?️ Service and experience at Björnö Nature Reserve:
ℹ️ Information Stand -> exhibition about Björnö´s history

? Kiosk and bakery

? Restaurant and bistro

? Kayak rental -> available at the entrance to the reserve

? Natural harbors

?️ Parking -> There are parking slots available for 250 cars, located inside the reseerve boundary with a path leading to bathing area at Torpesand. Parking is subjected to fee. No parking outside the markings and on the road.

? Dry toilets with dustbins -> available at all natural harbors. Accessbility-adapted TC is available at the car park, Torpeinfjärden and at Snorkelleden.

? Well -> fresh water available at Norrviken and Ramsviken.

? Lookout tower -> located at Småängsuddarna with a view of the Ingarö and Nämdöfjärds.

? BBQ area -> available at Torpesand and at the tent sites.

? Bathing place -> sandy beach available at Torpesand.

? Snorkelling -> Accessibility-adapted snorkelling trails for disabled and visually impaired are available at Torpesand. Underwater signs with tactile writing can be followed with the help of a rope along the bottom. There is a wheelchair-accessible changing room and pier.

? Forest woodchuck trail -> Woodchuck trail starts next to the car park and ends at the water where snorkelling trail begins. The trail consists of 10 signs that encourage children to smell, feel and look for nature experiences.
Thanks to Skogsmulle, the visitor learns to take care of nature by discovering its innermost essence. The Archipelago Foundation created the path in order to make nature on the foundation´s lands more exciting for younger visitors.

? Educational Site archipelago -> At the end of Björnö, by Ramsviken, there is Education Site archipelago. Here you can learn more about the plants and animals of the Baltic Sea and about the history of the area.

Place: Stockholm
Price: Free
Date: 01. 07. 2022 – 31.08.2022
Time: unlimited

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Photo by: @visitstockholm


Stockholm, Švédsko



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