Sigur Rós


Do you need to energize yourself? Then what better than to come and see Sigur Rós live! This Icelandic band is sure to stir you with their powerful music!

With their atmospheric, grandiose post-rock, Icelanders Sigur Rós have been building a world in the world since 1994. A complete universe with its own language, its own rules and its own aesthetics. A place we didn’t know existed before they created it, and its influence on contemporary popular culture is hard to overestimate. On 19 October, Sigur Rós will come to Sweden for a concert at the Hovet in Stockholm.

Sigur Rós’ discography is as rich as the band’s never-ending bank of ideas, but the common thread is that they have never underestimated their audience. Sigur Rós is currently writing and recording their first new album since 2013’s Kveikur. On the upcoming tour, the band will play some of the new songs as well as material from their 25-year career. Original members Jónsi and Georg Holm are currently working in the studio with former member Kjartan Sveinsson, who will rejoin the band after focusing on other projects for the past decade. Kjartan Sveinsson will also be on the upcoming tour.

Place: Stockholm
Price: 645 – 755 SEK
Date: 19. 10. 2022
Time: 19:00

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Stockholm, Švédsko


645 - 755 SEK EUR

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