Japanese Day


The Embassy of Japan in the Slovak Republic is pleased to invite you to the event “Japan Day 2022”.
You are all cordially welcome‼️

Organised by the Embassy of Japan in the Slovak Republic in cooperation with BKIS Bratislava Cultural and Information Centre

Change of the programme is subject to change. In case of inclement weather, the event will unfortunately be cancelled.


🔴14:00 Kagamiwari – festival opening ceremony
⚪14:10 Tea Ceremony (Tsutomu Takamatsu Sôuriki, Urasenke Austria)
🔴14:40 Bonsaj (Ján Lúdik, Bonsajcentrum Bratislava)
⚪15:15 Ikebana (Noriko Komiyama and Dana Sato, Sogetsu School)
🔴15:45 Demonstration of makizushi preparation (Hideaki Ishimori, chef of the Ambassador of Japan in Slovakia)
⚪16:15 Historical tidbits about Shogi (Lukáš Vyletel, President of Shogi)
🔴16:45 Kitsuke – traditional Japanese clothing (Noriko Komiyama)
⚪17:15 Talkshow about Tokyo 2020 and cooperation with the city of Gigu (Slovak Paralympic Committee)
🔴17:40 Aikido (Kurilla Budokan)
⚪18:00 Iaido, the art of the Japanese sword (Muso Shinden Ryu School) (Slovak Kendo Federation)
🔴18:30 Kata, Tameshigiri and Gekiken kenjutsu demonstrations (Ganryu Jima Dojo)
⚪19:10 Concert of Japanese songs (Mayuko Takine – piano, Hana Friedová – soprano)

Presentation stand of the city of Gifu, exhibition of bonsai (Bonsajcentrum Bratislava), board games shogi and go (Slovak Shogi Association and Slovak Go Association), calligraphy (Embassy of Japan in Slovakia), origami (Mária Bednárová), sake and sushi tasting.

Place: courtyard Old Town Hall, Main Square, Old Town, Slovakia
Date: Saturday, 02.07.2022
Start: 14:00
Admission: free

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Stará radnica, Hlavné námestie, Old Town, Slovakia



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