Outdoor Dance in Nature


5R or 5Rhytms has prepared a very interesting event for you to check out! If you love to dance, love nature and love the combination of previously mentioned things, this is just for you! Come and relax your body and mind!

5R is a dynamic body based dance meditation created by Gabrielle Roth. The 5R are different movement qualities and ways of expression called Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. Together they create a movement cycle called a Wave.

It is a creative pathway for exploration into self discovery and investigation to become a present, embodied human being. No previous experiences is needed.

🍀 Info and questions to: jonas@bodymoves.se

🍀 5Rytmer utomhus dansa i naturen
med Jonas Klingberg

🍀 Time: 13-15 drop in.

🍀 Location: Stora skuggans ute dansbana, Stora Skuggansväg 12

🍀 Price: 250 SEK/person, you pay on the spot with swish or credit card.

🍀 Stora Skuggans outdoor dance floor is located in a scenic and secluded location right next to a forest and a small lake. The dance floor has a roof, wooden floor (shoes recommended) and toilet.

🍀 Directions:
Bus: Metro station of University or bus to Frescati and then 15 min walk through the university campus meadows. Also bus 50 to Lappkärsberget, then 15 min walk.

🍀 The 5Rhythms®
A body-based improvised movement method with a structure and form without steps or choreography. The 5Rhythms grounds us in our body and breath, awakens us to life, invites us to the joy of movement and centers us in the here and now. A presence training and exploration through movement in order to connect with the body’s inherent intelligence, self-regulation and calibration between brain, heart and body.

🍀 The 5Rhythms are Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyricism and Stillness. 5 different movement qualities/ways of expression that build on each other and together create a movement cycle called “a wave”, a map and opportunity for self-exploration to be human. This together but global music mix. For everyone, no previous experience needed. A warm welcome from the team.

🍀 Car:
From the stadium: drive Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 1 km ,then Bobergsgatan ½ km to a crossroads turn left, drive Norra Fiskartorpsvägen + Fisksjöängsvägen + Husarviksvägen + Stora Skuggansväg a total of 2.4 km to Stora Skuggans Wärdshus address Stora Skuggans väg 12, where there is car parking.
Next to the Wärdshuset there is a footpath, walk ½ km past Barnens Timmerstuga, then you will see the dance floor.

+ listening in and taking responsibility for your body, movement and limits.
+ that we don’t talk on the dance floor
+ to bring earplugs if you are sensitive to loud music.
+ that you turn off your phone completely or on airplane mode.
+ to be considerate of allergy sufferers and therefore use fragrance-free deodorant, skin lotion and hairspray.
+ that this is a drug-free event

Place: Dansbana, Stockholm
Price: 250 SEK
Date: 03. 07. 2022
Time: 13:00

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Dansbana, Štokholm, Švédsko



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