Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra


The Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra will commemorate the 35th anniversary of its formation, dedicated to its Roma prima violinist founder László Berki, on Margaret Island’s imposing stage.
The formation is now inviting world-famous or even junior primates from across the border in the name of national belonging.
From Szeklerland, students of the Sepsiszentgyörgy High School: violinist Ábel Furus and clarinetist Balázs Kádár; Samino Bandy, a violinist from the Highlands and Prešov, and Gusztáv Kurina, a violinist from Vojvodina, will join the band. The 100-member Gypsy Symphony’s young violinist, 13-year-old Bujka Leonardo, will also perform, and last but not least, József Lendvay, an excellent virtuoso Hungarian violinist known for his great success on the world’s famous stages. The 35-year old world’s only 100 member Gypsy Orchestra’s primate will be József Csócsi Lendvay.


Budapest, Margitszigeti Szabadtéri Színpad, Zielinski Szilárd sétány, Magyarország


3.900 Ft - 9.900 Ft. EUR

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