The Story of Music


The largest Slovak musical and educational project prepared for curious young people all over Slovakia by the Bratislava Boys’ Choir. The story of music at the Slovak National Theatre will be about the human voice.

Did you know that the most precious musical instrument you carry with you at all times? That instrument is the human voice. It can cheer us up when we are sad. It can make us feel peace, love or joy. When we were little, we often fell asleep to the sound of it, and it woke us up sensitively in the morning. If we can control it properly, the whole world can get to know us through it!

Come to our concert and discover the amazing possibilities of the voice you have. The Bratislava Boys Choir and the Slovak National Theatre present a new concert from the Story of Music series, which is known to tens of thousands of young people all over Slovakia. Conductor and presenter Gabriel Rovňák, together with soloists Mariana Sajko, Jan Št’áva, the orchestra and the choir of the Slovak National Theatre Opera will guide you through the wonderful world of music.


G.Bizet: Carmen, Avec la garde montante

Bratislavský chlapčenský zbor (BCHZ) a Orchester SND

E. Suchoň, arr. Viliam Gräffinger: Krútňava, Páslo dievča pávy

Orchester SND, Zbor SND, BCHZ

J. Offenbach: Hoffmannove poviedky, Les oiseaux dans la charmille (Olympia)
M. Sajko, Orchester SND

W. A. Mozart: Únos zo Serailu, O wie will ich Triumphieren (Osmin)
J. Šťáva, Orchester SND

W. A. Mozart: Skúška na koncert
BCHZ, sólista BCHZ, Orchester SND

Ludwig Senfl: Das Gläut zu Speyer
Zbor SND

G. Rossini, arr. Amir Awad: Duetto Buffo di due Gatti

sólisti BCHZ, Orchester SND

W. A. Mozart: Figarova svadba, Cinque, dieci (Susanna, Figaro)
M. Sajko, J. Šťáva, Orchester SND

P. Hochel: Óda na hlas

M. Sajko, J. Šťáva, Orchester SND, Zbor SND, BCHZ

B. Smetana: Predaná nevesta, Proč bychom se netěšili
M. Sajko, J.Šťáva, Zbor SND, BCHZ, Orchester SND

Ticket prices 11.00 h:
1st category: 7 €
2nd category: 6 €
3rd category: 5 €

Ticket prices 19.00 h:
1st category: 10 €
2nd category: 9 €
3rd category: 8 €

Performers: soprano, Mariana Sajko, Czech bassist, Jan Št’álová, Orchestra of the Slovak National Theatre Opera, Choir of the Slovak National Theatre Opera and Bratislava Boys Choir under the baton of Gabriel Rovňák, conductor and moderator

Venue: Slovak National Theatre, Pribinova Street, Bratislava

Dates of performances:

Wednesday 29.06.2022
Start: at 11:00 and 19:00
Admission: 5 – 10 €

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Bratislava, Slovensko


5 - 10 EUR

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