Prague Park Race – Divoká Šárka


Do not miss the sports event Prague Park Race – Divoká Šárka which is going to be held this Saturday (25 June) at beautiful and wild Nature Park Šárka-Lysolaje! The organizers have prepared the trail for everyone, children, men, women with corresponding length (in case of adult races it is 8 and 14 kilometres). After the race, the raffle awaits for the participants as well!

The first three in each category will be announced on the 14 km course and the first three in the absolute standings in men and women on the 8 km course. The winners will receive prizes from the race partners, participation in the awards ceremony is a prerequisite.

Venue: kemp Džbán, ulice Nad Lávkou, Praha 6
Date: 25 June 2022
Admission: 400 CZK for registration until 5 June 2022 ; 450 CZK for registration after 5 June 2022 ; 500 CZK for registration and/or payment on the spot
entry fee children’s race: 60 CZK for those registered and paid in advance, 100 CZK for those registered and/or paid on site

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Kemp Džbán A Hostel Sk Aritma Praha, Nad Lávkou, Praha 6, Česko


60 CZK - 500 CZK EUR

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