19th Sunshine Festival


19th Sunshine Festival – towards health, balance and wholeness. The Sunshine Festival is a series of events launched 19 years ago to promote physical health, mental balance and spiritual fulfilment. With renowned speakers, workshops on physical and mental health and natural medicine consultations, we support our visitors in their quest for a harmonious life. The good news is that this year we can meet live again! We look forward to seeing you on 12 June 2022 at the RaM Theatre!

Detailed programme:

Main stage:
9:40 Opening
10:00 László Bóna: Common sense or passion?
11:00 Firebirds – Sophie & Lenni: juggling show
11:30 Tibor Váradi: “Here and Now” – The role of awareness and presence on the path of inner development
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Prof. Dr. Emőke Bagdy: Hope and staying on your feet
14:30 Gábor Holcz’s magic show
15:00 András Laár: The inner path of peace building
16:00 Concert by Adrien Szekeres
16:30 Dr. László Buda: Cleaning up the soul – the possibilities of inner tidying
17:30 Concert of the Napfonat Ensemble
18:00 Tibor Váradi: 2022 – The secrets of the year of Jupiter (growth, compassion, faith, wisdom)
19:05 Meditative concert by Szabolcs Kövi

Podium stage:
14:05 Sunshine Recipe Club – Presentation of creative vegan chef Zoltán Kovács
15:00 Healing naturally – holistic cures for post-COVID symptoms (round table discussion)
Dr. Tibor Jakab, internist, anthroposophic physician – Dr. Réka Hargitai, family doctor, homeopath, anthroposophic physician, lifestyle counsellor – Zsuzsanna Nagyné Szili, biologist, naturopath – Dr. Gábor Várhelyi, lifestyle counselling therapist
16:00 Where are the boundaries? – Round table discussion on the delicate issues of raising children
Beatrix Lengyel-Hanga conductor-teacher, “Extra Lesson” development teacher – Boris Gábor Nagy family therapy specialist – Brigitta Pelyhe kindergarten teacher – Tünde Perfalvi psychologist

Children’s stage:
9:35 Tündérkert Puppet Group and Dwarf Music Orchestra – Grimm: Water of Life
10:30 Tamás Varázs magic show
11:30 Fruzsina Kovácsovics and her orchestra – Mesevilág
12:30 Dance woven into fairy tales, fairy tales woven into dance – fairy tale performance by the Görmbő Kompánia

Pre-registration is required for workshops and individual consultations on site!

Workshop room 1:
9:30 Color Therapy – Healing the Soul with Colors
10:30 The Art of Aiming for a Fulfilled Life
13:30 Reconciliation with the outside world – The path to healing from allergic diseases
14:30 Say yes to yourself! – Make peace with yourself to live in love with others!
15:30 Healing our childhood traumas – The mother’s wound
16:30 The Importance of Boundaries – From Healthy Self-Assertion to Self-Transference

Workshop room 2:
9:30 Health of our hair – The state of our body as reflected in our hair
10:30 Find your match!
13:30 Sugar issues, diabetes – Prevention and natural remedies for insulin resistance and diabetes
14:30 Healing your soul through the Inner Child
15:30 Thermal Health Assessment – Uncovering the hidden causes of our complaints in a gentle and effective way
16:30 Spiritual Budapest – Sacred Geometry in the Mysterious Energy Paths of our Capital

Individual consultations:
Anthroposophic medicine – Bach Flower Therapy – Biography, Life Guidance – Biological Dentistry – Family Adjustment – Family and Relationship Consultation – Dr. Voll’s Diagnostics – Dr. Hauschka cosmetics – head massage – refreshing massage – spinal care – therapeutic massage – therapeutic gymnastics – hair therapy – homeopathy – iris diagnosis – kinesiology – craniosacral treatment – art work – heavy metal and allergy assessment – thermal imaging with medical consultation – psychology – reflexology – counselling – make-up counselling – colour counselling – learning difficulties and remedial education – visual diagnostics

Ticket prices:
4000 Ft – Full price
2000 Ft – Full-time student
2000 Ft – Pensioner
1000 Ft – Child 7-14 years
8000 Ft – Family (2 adults + 2 children/child)
Free for children up to 7 years and over 72 years

Buy your ticket now and win!

Venue: Budapest, RaM Theatre by Freelusion, Kárpát utca, Hungary
Date: 12.06.2022
Starts: 9:00
Admission: 4000 HUF

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Budapest, RaM Színház by Freelusion, Kárpát utca, Magyarország


4000 Ft EUR

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