13.05.2022 - 05.06.2022

Is it a dream or an illusion? None of them, this is Cinema Mystica, where you will have the opportunity to enter another reality!

🖼 Not one, but three nights of concerts to celebrate the opening of the Cinema Mystica exhibition: electronic ambient, techno, audio-visual productions,VJ showk and world music will warm up the audience, who will also be able to see the unique evergreen installations alongside the music shows. The full exhibition is on view from 13 May to 5 June.📀 🔊

✨The Cinema Mystica universe is a realm of light, sound and art. A sensory journey through sixteen unique interactive installations. The exhibition spaces are transformed into mystical worlds where the boundaries between reality and vision are blurred, where the viewer becomes part of the work and where the magic happens…

🎬The creators of Cinema Mystica have rethought the relationship between art and technology, creating an unparalleled audiovisual experience, unique on the domestic art scene. Digital artworks, Immerzive projected spaces, 3D printed sculptures, interactive experiences and short films await visitors.

The team of Global Illumination is not only at home in the world of visuals, but they are also unique on the musical front, either directly or indirectly.

The third opening night is a fusion of world music and electronic sounds with a fantastic VJ show. The main attraction will be the performance of David Vígh, leader of the Global Illumination team, and his highly successful alternative music group Takkra, whose visual content is also a compilation of his own and Global’s work. DJ Bodoo will warm up the crowd and Cord’s performance, during which another VJ show is expected to close the three-day AV series. The event will take place in the exhibition space, so guests will be able to see unique, ever-changing installations alongside the musical performances.

FRIDAY 13.05.2022
19:00 Dj Mental
20:45 Zagar AV Experience
21:45 Siblicity: Evolver feat. Makro VJ & András Nagy (XYZ)
Probably the artist name Zagar will ring most familiar to the general public. His exciting electronic sound is completed by the “global” visuals of Katona Kati, with whom he performs under the name AV Experience both at home and abroad. The first evening of the opening series of the Cinema Mystica exhibition will be built around this audiovisual experience, which will be opened by Italian DJ Mental with his electronic ambient selection and closed by the Hungarian brother duo Péter Halász and Gábor, or Siblicity’s down tempo techno set, complemented by the visual world of MakroVJ & András Nagy (XYZ).

SATURDAY 14.05.2022
19:00 Stim.AD.
20:45 AXA Bolestan AV Show
21:30 Blazec vs AXA dj set & szb3d
The second evening will be dedicated to techno, with the AXA Bolestan AV Show as the sound and highlight of the evening. AXA, signed to Balázs Zságer’s label, and András Polonyi, also a mainstay of the Global Illumination team, will surprise the evening’s visitors with a special audio-visual performance together with visual artist Attila Márk Kőrös. Stim.AD’s DJ set will help you get in the mood, and finally AXA and his Global Illumination colleague Blazec will close the evening with a joint performance, the perfect way to start a Saturday night.

2022.05.15. SUNDAY
19:00 Dj Bodoo 19:00
20:30 Takkra concert
21:45 Cord
The third opening night will be a fusion of world music and electronic soundscapes with a fantastic VJ show. The main attraction here will be a performance by the band Takkra, a very successful musical formation in alternative circles, led by Dávid Vígh of the Global Illumination team, with visual content compiled from his own and Global’s work. For Takkkra, DJ Bodoo will warm up the audience, and Cord’s performance, during which another VJ show is expected to close the three-day AV series.

Tickets are limited!

Venue Details: Kristály Színtér
Margitsziget hrsz. 23800
Budapest, Hu 1138
When: 13 and 15 May 2022 | 12:00 – 22:00



Budapest, Kristály Színtér, Margitsziget, Hungary


4 400 Ft EUR

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