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On Saturday, May 14, under the auspices of the Historical Museum, the NIGHT OF MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES 2022 will take place at Bratislava Castle. Don’t miss guided tours, interactive tours for children, exhibitions and expositions. On this day, the opening hours will be extended, from 4PM to midnight. The last entry will be at 11PM.

Guided tours with museum curators:
5PM: N89 – The Road to Freedom / E. Belušák, Z. Luprichová
6PM: Celts from Bratislava / J. Kucharík
7PM: Martin Benka / M. Vyskupová
8PM: The Human Face – Freedom or Death / R. Leca (externally)
9PM: Romans and Slovakia / J. Kucharík

Interactive tours for children:
4.30PM: Wandering through history – The Middle Ages / M. Muráňová
6.30PM: Wandering through history – Prehistoric Times / J. Hutťanová

Thematic tour of Bratislava Castle:
10PM: Women at Bratislava Castle / K. Králiková
*meeting place always at the museum cloakroom

Romans and Slovakia
Celts in Bratislava
Trianon – Birth of a New Frontier
Martin Benka
N89 – The Road to Freedom
The Human Face – Freedom or Death

History of Slovakia – From prehistoric times to the Middle Ages

Venue: Bratislava Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: Saturday, 14.05.2022
Start: 4PM
Admission: from 1€

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Bratislavský hrad, Hrad, Bratislava, Slovensko



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