Krakow Photomonth 2022

26.05.2022 - 26.06.2022

The jubilee 20th-anniversary edition of Krakow Photomonth begins 26 May. It will be a focused, inquiring, and researched critical commentary on current political and social phenomena, and one we are pursuing as an expression of solidarity with Ukraine. As per tradition, the festival will promote emerging artists, and through workshops and meetings provide a platform for students to exchange experiences, and to encourage experimentation and an approach of working with images as creative play.

1. Hanna Rozpara, „Przezroczystość” / “Transparency”
Curator: Clare Strand
⏰ 26.05–26.06.2022

HannaRozpara is a mixed media artist who works with painting, graphics, photography, graphic design, music and sound. In her practice she deals with the subject of camouflage, formlessness and chaotic phenomena. In her project she focuses on the search for formal and abstract images. She documents the properties of translucent materials to reveal that they are anything but. She reminds us that the act of photography can be as opaque as the transparent materials she chooses to capture on her works. What is transparent can be opaque, what is obvious can be imperceptible, and what is truth can be fabricated. Hanna is one of the six winners of the ShowOFF Section 2022. Her solo show curated by Clare Strand will premiere during Krakow Photomonth in Galeria Podbrzezie.

2. Hailun Luo, “Yaya”
Curator: Katarzyna Kozyra
⏰ 26.05–26.05.2022

In her artistic practice, 👤Hailun Luo focuses on various objects, but most of all on people who, by posing, become the co-creators and heroes of her stories.
Yaya in Shanghainese local dialect stands for “grandpa”. The artist tells an intimate story about her grandfather who despite the odds remained full of life and joy.
“Hailun’s decision to choose this very personal series for her artistic debut is a continuation of the testimony given by her grandfather” – adds curator Katarzyna Kozyra. Hailun Luo’s solo show will premiere in Widna during Krakow Photomonth on May 26th!

3. Anna Solecka „Ojczyzna” / “Homeland”
Curator: Inga Schneider
⏰ 26.05–26.06.2022

👤 Anna Solecka, the youngest winner of #ShowOFF2022, in her project deals with the difficult relationship she has with her “Homeland”, Poland. She takes us into a period of acute self-doubt, fears about the future, and questions about our place in the world.
What shapes us? What makes us who we are? And where do we actually come from? The question of origin touches the past and the present at the same time. Anna Solecka asks these questions with her camera, documenting her immediate surroundings and revealing the fractures in society and between generations.
Her artistic debut and Individual exhibition curated by Inga Schneider will premiere as part of Krakow Photomonth program in May.

4. Katarzyna Szweda, „There Is No One Nearby to Share With”
Curator: Magdalena Ujma
⏰ 26.05–26.06.2022

Katarzyna Szweda is a poet and a photographer. She grew up in Beskid Niski in Wrzosowa Polana, Poland. In her project she explores the difficult relationship with history, family roots and lost motherland, focusing on the fate of the Lemkos. Portraying the villages, meadows and fields left with no trace, she tries to capture and portrait the people who once lived on this earth. The artist started working on the series during Sputnik Photos 2020/2021 Mentoring Programme. The photos were taken during her hiking and biking tours in Beskid Niski. The exhibition will be complemented by written memories of the inhabitant of the Beskids, Michał Kuszwara, and the poems of the author herself. Katarzyna Szweda’s solo show curated by Magda Ujma will premiere in Cricoteka during Krakow Photomonth’s 20th edition.

5. Tori Ferenc „In Waiting”
Curator: Lola Paprocka
⏰ 26.05–26.06.2022

Tori Ferenc is a portrait and documentary photographer with focus on identity, community and most recently parenthood. In 2020, she decided to turn the camera at herself and her husband. She continues to document her family life to this day, showing the accidental poetry of everyday life through the eyes of a mother. “In Waiting” aims to capture the anxieties and joys of pregnancy and first-time parenthood during the pandemic. Doing this project has become a testimony of my own motherhood, but also a way to cope with its challenges. This deeply personal work has turned into a form of visual diary, allowing me to explore my own boundaries on both sides of the lens. Tori’s solo show curated by Lola Paprocka will premiere in Zpafgallery during Krakow Photomonth in May.

6. Palm* Photo Prize 2022

Palm* Photo Prize 2022 shortlist announcement with this year’s ShowOFF Section winner – Chloé Azzopardi! Congratulations! We cannot wait to present you with Chloé’s individual exhibition in May as part of the ShowOFF programme where she will present her winning project in a completely new edition and setting

You can find more information about the festival here:

Location: Krakow, Poland
Date: 26.05.2022 – 26.06.2022
Start: from 10:00 am

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Kraków, Poland



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