Universal by Giorgio Bevignani

18.05.2022 - 03.07.2022

Detail/Universal by Giorgio Bevignani. “MONDI” is a project specially conceived for the Foreign Circle of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome on the twentieth anniversary of the Farnesina Collection of Contemporary Art. It lives nobly on the arts reprogramming the world, it samples to be a spectacular decentralized archive where the different disciplines feed on art-world, it aims to represent how to inhabit the global culture, or the other-modernity, which is nothing but a kind of constellation, a kind of archipelago of individual worlds and individual artists whose interconnected islands do not constitute a single continent of thought, but the mirror of a post-productive and borderline art, mobile, hypermodern, hypertensive, hyper-literate, mind and heart, but also project and destiny of aesthetic communication. It is with this project, conceived and directed by the illustrious Historian of Modern and Contemporary Art Prof. Carlo Franza, an intellectual of international level, that we want to indicate and support a Creative Europe Festival and, therefore, protagonists and flags, banishing every cult of the transitory to offer to all the cult of the eternal. The third millennium that makes the creative processes live in the climate of inhabiting styles and forms historicized, because the future is now, between representations and interpretations, leads us to grasp the new destiny of beauty.

With art we want to open windows on the world, with art we want to open heroic seasons, with art we want to inaugurate a new civilization. With “MONDI” (2020-2021-2022), twelve solo exhibitions of twelve contemporary artists, some of whom are renowned, are presented. This exhibition entitled “Particular / Universal” is the seventh of the path, and it is already a novelty as it conveys in Rome names of contemporary art of significant importance, which highlight and highlight the most intriguing developments of making art in the third millennium. The exhibition curated by the illustrious Historian of Contemporary Art of international fame, Prof. Carlo Franza, who also signs the text in the catalog entitled “Particular / Universal”, brings together a series of works by the artist Giorgio Bevignani, already appeared in the eyes of Italian and international critics as a figure of the most interesting and proactive contemporary art, and remembered as a clear and significant interpreter.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 18.00 hours
In the presence of the Artist
From May 18, 2022 to July 3, 2022
From Monday to Sunday 9.00/22.00
Prof. Carlo Franza
Historian of Modern and Contemporary Art,
Journalist and Critic of “Il Giornale” founded by Indro Montanelli.
Laura Carpini
Vice President Circolo degli Esteri-Roma
Ambassador Umberto Vattani
President of the “Venice International University
Ambassador Gaetano Cortese
Via dell’Acqua Acetosa 42 – 00197 ROME
Tel./ Fax : +39 02 48958934 – cell. 347 9784833
Mail: circmae@tiscali.it

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Circolo del Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Lungotevere dell'Acqua Acetosa, Roma, RM, Italia



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