Gingerbread Vigil

13.05.2022 - 15.05.2022

The 2nd Hornbread Vigil returns with a special new feature

After a two-year hiatus, the Horned Slag Vigil will reopen on 13-15 May at Holnemvolt Castle, the playground of the Budapest Zoo. True to tradition, there will be no shortage of horn cakes, varied programmes, surprises and a big unveiling.

“In 2019, we came up with the idea that, in addition to the autumn Hornbread Festival, we would like to have a spring weekend with hornbread as the main feature. That’s how the idea of the Hornbread Vigil was born, and now, after two years, we’re bringing it back to life on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of Holnemvolt Castle and Sweet Teddy Bear’s Hornbread Confectionery. Of course, this year we’ll bring all the big favourites: the gingerbread taste bombs, desserts made from gingerbread, gluten-, dairy- and egg-free gingerbread, and a real curiosity, the new form of the gingerbread, which is sure to blow everyone away” – says Tünde András András, the creator of the Gingerbread Vigil.

The three-day Kürtőskalács Vigalm, organised in collaboration with the Zoo, will feature craft activities, a petting zoo, face painting, other family and children’s activities and acoustic concerts. The popular “Make it yourself!” hornbread stall will also return, where anyone can prepare their favourite Transylvanian delicacy.

The event is open to all with a zoo pass, which includes access to the entire zoo and a free Sweetie the Pooh House Chocolate for all guests.

Location:Budapest, Holnemvolt Castle, Zoo Boulevard, Hungary
Date: 13.05.2022 – 15.05.2022
Start: 10:00 hod
Fee: Zoo entrance ticket



Budapest, Holnemvolt Vár, Állatkerti körút, Magyarország


Állatkerti belépő EUR

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