Padam Padam

15.04.2022 - 02.06.2022

We have an invitation to the theatre for you! Concert show “Padam Padam”, inspired by Edith Piaf.

“Padam” is the name by which Parisians used to call their city. “Padam Padam” is the title of a famous song sung by Edith Piaf, the sparrow with the golden uvula, who in this song expresses the whirling, obsessive comedy of love. It‘s precisely the theme of love, in this extraordinary performer and in her era, that we want to address through the choice of songs from her repertoire and through excerpts freely from the biography written by her sister Simone Berteaut, by Prevert and by Jean Coctau. The little bird Piaf sings about love, which is perhaps more appropriate to burst into song than to live.

April 15 – 9.00pm
April 18 – 9.00pm
April 27 – 9.00pm
May 3 – 9.00pm
May 6 – 9.00pm
May 12 – 9.00pm
May 23 – 9.00pm
May 26 – 9.00pm
June 2 – 9.00pm

Place: Teatro Lo Spazio, Via Locri, 42, Rome, Italy
Date: from Friday, April 15 to Thursday, June 2, 2022
Start: 9.00pm
Price: 12-15€
Contact: 0677204149

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Teatro Lo Spazio, Via Locri, Rím, Taliansko


12-15 EUR

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