Baby K


Baby K arrives live on the Orion stage at Ciampino on November 4, 2022 with her “Donna sulla luna live tour”, during which she will perform some of the songs from her latest album.

Baby K is one of the very successful Italian singers, songwriters and rappers. Her own name is Claudia Judith Nahum and she has a number of hits to her credit. The most famous ones come from her collaborations with Tiziano Ferro “Killer” or with Giusy Ferreri “Roma-Bangkok”.

The new recording project “Donna sulla Luna” contains the undisputed hits “Non Mi Basta Più”, “Playa”, “Buenos Aires” and the latest track “Pa ti” feat. Buenos Aires” and the latest track “Pa ti” feat.

The artist once again starts from the fulcrum of her artistic and personal story, the figure of the woman in society.

In particular, “Donna sulla Luna” is a metaphor describing the ability to fight with work, perseverance and determination to achieve one’s goals and realise one’s dreams. The reference is provocatively to the landing on the moon – usually told in male terms – which Claudia overturns by putting in the leading role a woman who “aims at the stars, but arrives on the moon”.

Claudia has always supported the courage of the female universe, the courage to pursue one’s own path without being overwhelmed by anything or anyone.

“They tell us that the destination is the absolute goal to be reached but the destination is never one, you will choose it and then you will change it and it will change you in turn. The important thing is to walk, run and grind until one day you find yourself in space, among unknown stars, where there is no noise, there is no chatter, in space there is not even wind, then you find yourself alone with your courage and the rumble of your beats. Where can a woman go if she aims at the stars? To the moon.

In this latest work, the artist chooses to tell the story of love once again, exploring this feeling in all the phases of life, from the first adolescent loves to the awareness and maturity of the stories lived in a more adult age. With “Donna sulla Luna” Baby K intercepts the contemporary melting pot characterised by the mixture of different genres and cultures that coexist and translates it into music with international rhythms and sounds where pop and urban mix with Latin, electropop and dance influences.

Place: Orion, Viale J.F.Kennedy, 52, Ciampino, Rome, Italy
Date: Friday, November 4, 2022
Start: 9.00pm
Price: 35€

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Orion, Viale John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Ciampino, Rím, Taliansko


35 EUR

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