Aneta Langerová concert


The well-known Czech musician Aneta Langerová will perform Letní scéna Vyšehrad this August! Listen up to her most famous songs as well as to the newer ones which will be accompanied by string trio and her band. Moreover, you can look forward to experienced musicians such as pianist and producer of the new album Jakub Zitko, drummer Martin Kopřiva, bassist Miloš Klápště, guitarist Ludvík Kulich, cellist and singer Dorota Barová, violinist Veronika Vališová and violist Vladan Malinjak.
After a long break from the live-concerts, Aneta and her assamble will introduce to all her fans her 2020’s new album Two suns. When describing her new album, she said: “I believe my new songs will be good companions for you. Each of the stories has its own atmosphere. It may take you closer to the silence of your own soul. As it did for me.

Venue: Letní scéna Vyšehrad, Soběslavova, Praha 2-Nové Město
Date: 28.8.2022 (20:00)
Admission: (based on selected seats) 599 – 1500 CZK

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Letní scéna na Vyšehradě, Soběslavova, Praha 2-Vyšehrad, Česko


599 - 1500 CZK EUR

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