QUID: Stand Up

27.03.2022 - 29.05.2022

If you are a fan of stand up shows, don’t miss these events! Every Sunday, QUID hosts an event curated by Daniele Fabbri. The evenings are split into two parts: 8.00pm starts with a live podcast where they discuss the week’s topics, trends and pop culture with local comedians. At 9.00pm the live show begins with performances by stand up comedians and guests.

When we watch the Live Shows of a famous StandUp Comedian and are enraptured by his jokes, we forget that, before recording the show, that artist has rehearsed his jokes at least two hundred times with the audience, experimenting with them in clubs and small venues. It‘s precisely in these ‘garages’, in a more informal and direct atmosphere, that the comedians fine-tune their repertoire, in a straightforward and complicit relationship with the audience, in order to achieve performances suitable for a competition show.

Before the performances, the Garage Live Podcast – a sort of “Show before the Show” – will be streamed, with Fabbri and resident comedians Davide Marini, Sandro Canori, Andrea Di Castro and Gabriele Antinori, who will perform a double event every Sunday: first the online talk show to talk about pop culture, curiosities and life in the capital, followed by the live show which, as per Comedy Garage’s tradition, will host emerging comedians and well-known faces from the world of comedy, intent on testing their future battle horses.

Reservations are required.

Place: Ouid, Via Assisi, 117, Rome, Italy
Date: every Sunday, from March 27 to May 29, 2022
Start: 7.30pm
Price: free
Contact: pressmusiclab@gmail.com / 06 7834 9259

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Via Assisi, Rím, Taliansko



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