Tarantino Music Night Bratislava


A dance party that will kill the boredom of Saturday night and musically transform Bratislava into a city of sin. ⚔ On that night, the Eight Terrible Ones will become our companions on the dance floor of wild rock’n’roll, shameless rockabilly and gangster rock. 🎵 We’ll pay tribute to the soundtracks of cult Tarantino films with a dance party. We’ll create our own stories from the party so that we can reminisce with our friends about Back Then in KC Dunaj! Our DJs will reliably serve us musical food. It’s going to be powerful, friends. Amen. 🔫🕺💪

A shameless night of music as sharp as a katana and as fierce as Django! 🗡️ Swing your tracksuit hips for a dancefloor twist and show us how to party on our club waves! 🕺DJs Vincent Vega and Billy Crash will take us on a nighttime ride through Quentin Tarantino movies, mixing hits from Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, The Goonies, Inglorious Basterds, Wild Django, and Back Then in Hollywood! 🎶🎸🎹🔫

DJ Vincent Vega and DJ Billy Crash
will spin a frenzied dance party with performers we know from cult movies. Ennio Morricone, Chuck Berry, Dusty Springfield, The White Stripes, David Bowie, Wu Tang Clan, Johnny Cash, Kool & The Gang, Serge Gainsbourg – this is the Tarantino Hall of Fame that awaits us on the dance floor. Hands up, it’s going to be wild!

Venue: KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova Street, Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: Saturday, 23.07.2022
Start: 21:00
Admission: 5 €

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KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova, Bratislava, Slovensko


5 € EUR

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