Riddikulus! Prague


Get your wands out, it’s time to hop on the magic bus and take a ride into the world of magic! Splashes as hot as the breath of a Hungarian thorn-tailed dragon, sometimes as simple as a castle troll, sometimes as elaborate as a sphinx, but always as cheerful as a liberated elf, are here for anyone who still dreams of having a Hogwarts owl land on their windowsill. The Pobert Plan takes us through a unique performance that has sucked in eight films and seven books of the iconic Harry Potter story. Dark Lords and Bright Ladies, double-blooded princes and full-blooded princesses, here we go!

Would you like a taste of Snape’s potion? Would you like to find out what diss tracks the rap duo Bellatrix and Umbridge write? How many euros do you estimate Professor Quirrell values his dignity at? Would you like to add a recipe for The Dark Lord to the family recipe book? And most importantly, do you agree that ignorance of Harry Potter should be a capital crime? Here comes a unique theatrical performance for everyone who loves the iconic wizarding story and isn’t afraid to poke fun at it!

Young theatre fighters and OZ Artefact, a cultural platform that offers opportunities to students, performing arts graduates and fresh talent, have taken on the task of reimagining the famous story. Their main incantations are humour and melody, resulting in a catchy parody.

Watch out! The show is not suitable for audiences under 15!

Directed by Pavol Viecha
Text: Pavol Viecha, Martin Krč
Dramaturgy: Martin Krč
Cast: Katarína Gurová, Peter Pavlík and Kristóf Melecsky
Costumes and set design: Dorota Volfová
Music: Andrej Majerčík
Production: Zuzka Lobotková

Place: the Palace Theatre, Wenceslas Square, New Town, Czech Republic
Start: 19:00
Price: 490 CZK

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Divadlo Palace, Václavské námestie, Nové Město, Česko



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