Bpm – beats per minute

31.03.2022 - 25.06.2022

On 31 March, the Prague National Theatre Ballet will premiere a triptych bpm (beats per minute), which combines the different dance styles of Israeli choreographers Sharon Eyal and Gaius Behar, Eyal Dadon and Czech choreographer and creative producer with Nigerian roots Yemi A. D. The production is a combination of BILL, ARTZA and BOHEMIAN GRAVITY and the last two will have their world premiere here! BILL deals with the role of the individual in society, reinforced by repetitive movement sequences, uniform make-up and costumes, ARTZA deals with the human being under the influence of society and BOHEMIAN GRAVITY, subtitled Searching for freedom, explores the possibilities and limits of the freedom of human movement and creativity under the influence of gravity, both physical and figuratively mental. Don’t miss this unique artistic experience!

Venue: Národní divadlo, Národní 2, 112 30 Praha 1, Česko
Date: 31.3. (19:00), 1.4. (19:00), 3.4. (18:00), 6.4.,7.4. (19:00), 11.6. (14:00, 19:00), 25.6. (19:00).
Admission: (based on the selected seats) 150 – 790 CZK
Contact: info@narodni-divadlo.cz

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Národní divadlo, Národní třída, Nové Město, Česko


150 - 790 CZK EUR

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