Paper story

14.01.2023 - 01.06.2023

The new stage prepared an unusual production with interactive elements for its visitors during the March weekend. Imagine that you could create a new world out of pure nothingness. One that you might dream of, safe but full of surprises and adventure. Our hero is standing at the very beginning – with his imagination and white paper that can become anything. From imagination, creativity and playfulness, this is how our new world is born. In the paper one, strange things happen, and when its playful inhabitants appear, the adventure is taken care of. A boy like this, who likes to chase new discoveries, is sometimes a bit reckless though and has yet to learn how to behave in the world of fragile paper without getting hurt. But he discovers so much more, like the power of kindness and helpfulness, and his paper friends help him find his way to true friendship too. The production combines pantomime, dance with elements of acrobatics, puppetry and animation. In an interactive ending, we open up our new world for young audience members to come and complete it with us.

Venue: Nová scéna, Národní 1393/4, Nové Město, 112 30, Praha 1, Czechia
Date: Saturday 14.1. (17:00), Sunday 15.1. (15:00), Saturday 18.2. (17:00), Sunday 19.2. (15:00), Saturday 11.3. (17:00), Sunday 12.3. (15:00), Sunday 2.4. (15:00), Wednesday 19.4. (10:00), Saturday 13.5. (17:00), Sunday 14.5. (15:00), Thursday 1.6. (10:00 & 17:00)
Price: based on selected seats (290 CZK – 390 CZK)
Contact: +420 224 901 448;

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National Theatre, Národní třída, Nové Město, Česko


290 - 390 CZK EUR

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