Virtual Reality PlayRoom

05.03.2022 - 30.12.2023

Play VR is one of the most popular virtual reality arcades in downtown Budapest, where unforgettable experiences await you. You can play individually or in teams of up to 8 people, it’s all about fun and adventure. They offer games with different themes, you can try 2-3 games in 1 hour. You can take part in calmer scenery-rich games, challenging games of skills against each other, or even Star Wars-themed games. An unmissable experience for young and old alike.

Place: Hődi Endre utca 1.
Date: Reservation required
Entry: 6500Ft/single player, discounts for larger groups

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Budapešť, Play VR Budapest, Hőgyes Endre Street, Maďarsko


17 EUR

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