Family treasure hunt game

23.02.2022 - 31.12.2022

Family treasure hunt in the Orczy Garden in Budapest. Investigation, code-breaking, magic tools, treasure map: exciting outdoor treasure hunt in Orczy Garden

What child wouldn’t be thrilled by a fascinating treasure hunt? Especially if you can run around in the fresh air, in a beautiful place and look for codes, magic items and statues! If you’re looking for a fun family activity or making a holiday bucket list, consider Sweet Escape’s treasure hunt games.

Even kids as young as five enjoy the game, but experience shows that adults have fun playing too.

A treasure hunt game is very easy to get kids to play. The renovated Orczy Garden is perfect for this, with a cosy pond, picnic areas and a really cool playground. It’s also a safe place for little ones to run around.

You can come to the treasure hunt at any time, no need to book an appointment, just phone us and you can pick up your treasure hunt packet on the spot, pay the game fee.

To pick up the treasure hunt package: 1096 Budapest Ernő utca 36, phone 06304767655

Location:Budapest, Ernő utca 36, 1091 Hungary

Entrance fee: 5900 Ft/ 8900 Ft

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Budapest, Ernő utca 36, 1091 Magyarország


5900 Ft/ 8900 Ft EUR

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