Turandot musical Bratislava

18.03.2023 - 14.04.2023

A story of love and cruelty in an original musical adaptation. Who wouldn’t know the famous story of Turandot?

Originally a Persian legend, later a Chinese play based on the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights by the Italian playwright Carlo Gozzi. And two centuries later, brilliantly adapted into Giacomo Puccini’s immortal opera of the same name.

Once upon a time, when the sea was everything in the world. Princess Turandot lived in the undersea kingdom of Okakeomare. Turandot turns her back on all the men in the world to avenge the death of her mother, Princess Loring. She chooses never to give her heart to anyone, ever, and enjoys the cruel play for her own life of all the men who court her …

A brand new Turandot is coming to the New Stage Theatre. A modern MUSICAL TURANDOT! Attractive by the country of its origin, reborn in the workshop of Korean hitmakers. Turandot full of beautiful, melodically appealing music.

A captivating and moving story of love, beauty and cruelty will once again come to life on our stage. A story of death and suffering, but also of hope and redemption. The story is set in an attractive world of unearthly forces and elements. An environment in which the heroes are torn by great emotions, passions and decisions, promises and rejections. Decisive actions and unspoken desires. Unfulfilled and hidden love. The audience is drawn into the romantic love story of Calaf and Princess Turandot. A story in which the princess ruthlessly rejects love and has all her suitors beheaded if they don’t guess three riddles. Prince Calaf, however, guesses all the riddles and overcomes her hatred with true love. Yet the question still lingers within us: What lay behind Turandot’s cruelty, unapproachable mask and cold tyranny? What shadows of the past and the secrets of lineage affect our present?

The musical Turandot, accompanied by an 11-piece live orchestra, is an explosion of compelling music, emotions, clashes and reconciliations.

Venue: New Scene Theatre, Živnostenská Street, Bratislava, Slovakia

Date of performance:

18.03.2023, starts at 19:00
14.04.2023, starts at 19:00

Price: 33 € / 28 €

Genre: musical
Duration: 130 min. with intermission

A story of love and cruelty in an original musical treatment

Jang Soyeong – Lee Haeje

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Divadlo Nová scéna, Živnostenská, Bratislava, Slovensko


33€ / 28€ EUR

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