Cyrano from the suburbs


The legendary Slovak musical in a modern version on the stage of the Nova Scena Theatre again! The classic story of Cyrano’s unrequited love for Roxane has been brought to the present day by the authors.

The first Slovak rock musical from the pen of librettist Alta Vášová, lyricists Ján Štrasser, Kamil Peteraja and authors of music Pavel Hammel and Marian Varga is Cyrano from the Suburbs. The cradle of its first performance was the Nová scéna Theatre in 1977. The success was overwhelming and the critical acclaim unequivocal. From evening to morning, a star was born in the theatrical sky. That star shone so brightly that it became a legend. And that legend is returning to its home stage today, forty-two years later.

And so, after 42 years, we can once again watch Cyrano’s unrequited secret love for the ambitious and talented singer Roxane, performed by Mirka Gális Partlova in an alto role, from the stage of the Nová scéna Theatre. with Romana Dang Van, in love with Jan, played by Dárius Koči and Vladislav Plevčík. This timeless story of love, principles, friendship, successes and downfalls is presented in a modern musical language and pace, with a live band.

The musical springs from Rostand’s neo-romantic verse Cyrano de Bergerac. Alta Vášová has brilliantly managed to transport the storyline to the setting of rock bands and music clubs, finding the modern language, characteristics and culture of young people. In doing so, she has created a work that is relevant and appealing to audiences in 2019. In addition to the riveting dance and singing performances, we can put ourselves in the shoes of the uncompromising, non-elitist, brilliant lyricist and not least the brawler Cyrano, with a thick skin but a sensitive soul. And at the same time we can follow his unrequited secret love for the ambitious and talented singer Roxane.

A timeless tale of love, principles, camaraderie, successes and downfalls.

A story with modern language and pace. CYRANO FROM THE SUBURBS!

Venue: the New Scene Theatre, Živnostenská Street, Bratislava, Slovakia

Performance dates:


Price: 27 € / 22 €
Genre: musical
Duration: 150 min. with intermission
suitable for audiences aged 13 and over

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Divadlo Nová scéna, Živnostenská, Bratislava, Slovensko


27€ / 22€ EUR

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