Funkyzeit Carnival


Ladies and gentlemen đź’’đź—» Bienvenue to the first funkyzeit! Success and glamour is our life, chalet was our sign already in kindergarten, February is the month of wunderschön mountains, big slides and hot drinks. It’s time to dance together again!

Let it be a common travelling to the alpine feeling, a carnival ceremony in a neo-renaissance ski castle. The batten is not compulsory, but your prettiest outfit is! Fur, overalls, glasses, the main thing is that you are the king of the chalet.
Night juggling, dancing, disco, champagne, catharsis!

The instructors:
Daddy one two
Route 8

Place: House of the Hungarian Millennium, Olof Palme sétány 1,
Dresscode: après-ski
Date: 19th of February, 22:00
Entry: 4000 – 6000HUF

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Budapešť, House of the Hungarian Millennium, Olof Palme sétány, Maďarsko


12 - 18 EUR

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