Carnival in Dürer


It’s time to dig out the Spider-Man costume you’ve been meticulously hiding at the bottom of the closet, ask Grandpa for his fake-ass glasses, put on a plaid shirt and pretend you’re a cobain of curt cobain, or just put on some of that lipstick you haven’t done in two years because of the face mask.

pro tip: there was a little boy in kindergarten whose mom creatively dressed him up as a grape for carnival, all while covering his entire body in balloons, so the poor kid stood in the corner of the room all afternoon because he couldn’t move. Well, these are certainly not going to be suitable dresses for the most fantastic carnival in the universe.

There will be concerts of these free amazing bands:

◉ FAT & CUTE ◉

Place: Dürer kert, Öböl utca 1.
Date: February 17th, 20:30
Entry: 2000 HUF

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Budapešť, Dürer Kert, Öböl Street, Maďarsko



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