St. Valentine´s Day in Zoo Prague

11.02.2023 - 12.02.2023

This weekend belongs to all who are in love. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn the secrets of animal love during special guided feedings and encounters at the Prague Zoo. Small prizes await attentive listeners.

Guided feeding programme:
10.00 Feeding of voles – African House
10.30 feeding of giant kangaroos and red-backed kangaroos – Darwin’s Crater
11.00 Penguin feeding – Penguin Pavilion
11.30 Giraffe Encounter – African House
12.00 Gorilla Encounter – Dja Reserve
13.00 Meeting with the big turtles – Big Turtle Pavilion
13.15 elephant meeting – Valley of the Elephants
14.00 Wombat feeding – Darwin Crater
14.00 reptile meeting – Cats and Reptiles Pavilion
14.30 Devil Encounter – Darwin Crater
15.30 Feeding of Mantids – Indonesian Jungle

Special guided encounters:
10.00 feeding the eared dogs – Africa up close
10.30 Feeding porcupines – Africa up close
11.00 Scavenger Vulture Encounter – Birds of Prey
11.30 Silver Gibbons – Water World and Monkey Islands
13.00 meeting at the Virgin Cranes – Ibis (aviary opposite the Great Turtle Pavilion)
13.30 Sea lion training – Sea lions
14.00 cassowary feeding – Australia (upper part of the zoo)
14.30 Takin meeting – Plains (upper part of the zoo)

Venue: Zoo Praha
Date: Saturday 11 February and 12 February 2023
Admission: regular admission ticket

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Zoo Praha, U Trojského zámku, Praha 7, Česko


6-10 EUR

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