Roman Coast Market

08.01.2022 - 31.12.2022

The Roman Coast Market, a farmers’ market, experience, community in a popular part of Budapest. Every week, on Saturday mornings, it welcomes young and old, locals and visitors alike, in the Nánási yard next to the Roman Coast. A market that is more than shopping. Quality local food, tastings, crafts, programmes and good conversation await everyone.

A taste of what’s on offer:
A cavalcade of delicious cow and goat cheeses, crispy on the outside and crumbly on the inside, honey-sweet jams made from local fruit, unadulterated Csabai sausages, thirst-quenching syrups dripping from colourful jars, mangalica, buffalo and grey beef sausages that will make such a delicious breakfast. Bright red, crunchy paprika peppers, chilli creams for Sunday soup, farmhouse chicken for paprika noodles, delicious sheep’s cheese and sheep’s cheese, white, orange, green and red vegetables grown in Hungarian fields and many other delicacies, delicacies, treasures and treasures await you!

Place: Roman Coast, Nánási út 47-49 Budapest
Date: Every Saturday from 8.00 until 13:00
Entry: Free

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Budapešť, Római parti Piac, Nánási Way, Maďarsko



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