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Workshop “Boost your English skills as an autodidact” – Rome. Workshop “Boost your English skills as a self-taught speaker” – Rome. How do you deal with the fear of speaking in English? What techniques can be useful to improve your texts? How do I not panic when someone speaks to me in English?

It’s true: there are plenty of materials, apps, and sites out there that can save our lives, but if we don’t focus on our true potential and adopt a few simple techniques to make the leap, we’ll always be back to square one.

Maybe we’d like to know more English words so we don’t feel judged. Or we wish we could read without having to stop after every single word. Help! What if I’m studying English alone? What if I don’t have that much time?
Calm down, there’s a solution!

Here’s the solution!

It’s the in-person workshop “Boost your English skills as a self-taught learner”, with consultant and language tutor Gianluca Stival who will explain the tricks of the trade for improving reading, comprehension and speaking in English.

Simple and very practical advice so that you can learn to manage mistakes, doubts and performance anxiety. From how to improve speaking to how to manage the various parts of a text, including some techniques and materials to master the English language with more confidence.

How does it work?

The course is held at the Marble Hall of the Hotel Des Epoques in Via Nomentana, 31-33 in Rome on Friday, May 27, 2022 from 17:00 to 19:30. You will be able to ask questions and intervene in real time.

And that’s not all: thanks to the VIP PASS, you’ll have access to the workshop in the front rows and a free one-on-one consultation with Gianluca to express all your doubts. When and where you decide.

The use of the mask is mandatory.

Place: Via Nomentana, 31-33, Roma, RM, Italia
Date: 27.05.2022
Start: 17:00

Price: 27 €


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Via Nomentana, 31-33, Roma, RM, Italia


27 € EUR

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