Benefice pro Barvolam


17:00 viewing of paintings in Studio Barvolam
18:00 Benefit auction of paintings
19:00 benefit concert: Nervana (Nirvana Revival Beroun) at Tibet Open House
Moderated/auctioned by: Hana Malaníková
Sponsor: brewery Chříč

We cordially invite you to the fundraising event for Barvolam “Come As You Are”.
It’s a verse not only from the Nirvana song that will be played at the event tonight, but actually an inclusive motto and incantation for all who are not afraid to come to Barvolam. And we really take everyone as they are!!!

The event will be auctioning off selected works by our neurodiverse artists and artists that were created at Studio Barolam.
Starting at 5:00 pm you can view the paintings at Studio Barvolam, and the auction starts at 6:00 pm.

The aim of Barvolam is to support artists with the label “intellectual disability” or “autism”, to present their work, to facilitate collaboration with other artists and to promote their inclusion in the contemporary art world.

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Školská 28, Nové Město, Česko



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