Vinyl Market @ Lya Beer Café


Lya Beer Cafe is a small independent craft beer bar with a focus on community and creativity, and a love of music and vinyl. Noise Kitchen is a space for music heads: from desktop and modular instruments, to tape and vinyl releases from both local and further afield labels, the Bastl Instruments-affiliated shop on Krymská offers plenty, to those casually interested and the borderline obsessed.

We’re teaming up to put on an event celebrating our shared love of vinyl and music, with Noise Kitchen curating a select group of vinyl sellers to join us with their goods, and accompanied with vinyl sets from Exhausted Modern, and Noise Kitchen’s Loops of Decay and Freddie Hudson.

Alongside second hand picks and Noise Kitchen’s vinyl stock we’re happy to be joined by the kind people from Prague’s YUKU, an independant store and vinyl label based in Žižkov. On the 27th they’ll be bringing a mix of music released on their label, and choice cuts from inside their store.

Noise Kitchen’s vinyl distribution seeks to offer music that can inspire musicians at any point of their practice by selecting from labels and scenes that represent a certain attitude in music, one which is open to the possibilities, and non-exclusive from a proficiency or technical standpoint. Noise Kitchen will be bringing music from: Sonic Pieces/Miasmah: A pairing of two Berlin-based labels, Sonic Pieces and Miasmah (commonly together as MiSo) release experimental ambient and modern classical music — to briefly and crudely sum up their output. With a peerless attention to sleeve design and sonic curation, these records belong in any sound enthusiast’s collections.

Mappa: Slovakian experimental label Mappa releases far-out sounds from processed ethnographic archival field recordings to more typically structured bands and groups, with equally bizarre sounds in the mix.

RWDFWD: Bristol’s finest underground distributor, RWDFWD has been operating from the underbelly of the UK’s most thriving electronic music scene for many years now. Beginning as a means to independently distribute and sell vinyl releases from the Young Echo Collective’s creative avenues, they surface avant-garde music spanning across Dub, Techno and Experimental – often in the same track.

The event is free to attend. Please observe the current government guidelines regarding COVID-19.

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Lya Beer Café, Krymská, Prague 10-Vršovice, Czechia



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