02.12.2021 - 03.12.2021

Based on Caryl Churchill’s drama The Iglish by Dávid Cseh 

“And wishes, and mothers hanging by branches  
and pulls the strings:  
Ten, twenty, then she’ll be out,  
But who will be next?” 

Choreographer-director Borbála Blaskó created her physical theatre production based on Caryl Churchill’s drama The Iglic. The title of the adaptation (Hesszelők), written by dramaturg Dávid Cseh, means “watchers” or “peepers” in Hungarian and is also a pun on the German word “Hexe”, meaning “witch”. Blaskó’s raw and grotesque interpretation is also a reflection on the nature of good and evil, and how our actions are often driven by desires and repressions of which we are unaware. The Iglic at the centre of the play is in fact the embodiment of our subconscious desires, who, while fulfilling our every wish, exacts a high price in return. And when two friends, Lily and Josie, fall under his spell, he will do anything to get her soon-to-be-born child and the purity, innocence and integrity that comes with it. 

The production focuses on these key themes, with the three main roles played by Katalin Simkó, Natasha Stork and Vera Sipos. The mythical creatures, fairy-tale monsters and meerkats in the play are played by former and current students of the University of Dance and the Ágnes Nemes Nagy Art High School. The performance will be accompanied by live music played on non-traditional instruments, composed and performed by Ákos Pallagi. Orsolya Sipos designed the masks used in the production, while Aletta Lokodi was responsible for the set design and Mónika Fekete for the costumes. The surreal and absurd visual world of Hesszelők was created by the students involved in the production. 

 The production was realised within the framework of the Staféta programme, announced and supported by the Municipality of Budapest, with additional support from the Ministry of Human Resources. 

Stage design, cast list: 
Performed by Katalin Simkó, Natasa Stork, Vera Sipos, and former and current students of the University of Dance and the Ágnes Nemes Nagy Ágnes Art High School: 
Ábel Kotormán, Villő Könczei, Veronika Magyar, Laura Matus, Noel Nagy, Panna Patonai, Kata Somlyai, Áron Szabó, Kristóf Szeredás, Viktor Vághy. 

Set design by Lokodi Aletta 
Costume: Fekete Mónika 
Masks by Orsolya Sipos 
Music by Ákos Pallagi 
Dramaturg: Dávid Cseh 
Assistant Director:Villő Könczei 
Production Manager:Juhász Károly 
Choreographer-Director: Borbála Blaskó 

The length of the performance is 70 minutes.
Recommended for children over 16 years of age.

Caryl Churchill’s licence was brokered by Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd. and Hofra Ltd.

For more information:
Bethlen Téri Theatre
1071 Budapest, Bethlen Gábor tér 3.

+36 1 999 0661  

Venue: Budapest, Bethlen Téri Theatre, Bethlen Gábor Square, Hungary
Entrance fee: 3000 HUF

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Budapest, Bethlen Téri Színház, Bethlen Gábor tér, Magyarország


3000 Ft EUR

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