Aromatherapy Workshop


Discover your power and magic in the natural world, and meet other terrific girls! Each participant will receive a Sage Girl potions book to make their own, and three blends. The recipes for these blends are usually private, but will be shared in this workshop. In the two hours you will experience:

a. learning about and smelling 5 oils that are safe and effective

b. create an essential oil for stress, and learn techniques for dealing with times when you feel nervous or anxious.

c. create an essential oil blend for smooth, healthy skin depending upon your skin type.

d. create your own signature perfume blend that belongs to you and you alone.

You will also receive recipes to put in your potions book to make your own blends for sports injuries, cramping, headaches and increasing focus.

In this fun interactive workshop, you will learn about the elements of aromatherapy, the different notes, and open your eyes to the great aspects of self-care!

All participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

Light refreshments will be provided.

The total cost is 50 Euro. 1 potions book, 3 blends, and gobs of new knowledge and friends. Who knew two hours could change your life?! Accompanying moms can make their own signature blend for a discounted price of 10 euros!

Talley Sjoberg-Varney is a certified NAHA and IFA Aromatherapist, an educator, social worker, life-coach and meditation instructor. She has been facilitating aromatherapy workshops since 2005.

Place: Creative Labyrinth I, Šustekova, Petržalka, Slovakia
Date: 16.10.2021
Start: 10:00
Admission: 50 Eur

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Šustekova, Petržalka, Slovakia


50 euro EUR

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