Syntax Error – Halloween Party


Syntax error is back! Let’s start with a Halloween Party at H62 with all the video games, lasers, DJs, dance floor, costume and quiz walk prizes you’ve come to expect! Syntax Error is a club night where you will be in good company if you enjoy playing Street Fighter, shooting Duck Hunt, dancing to video-game music remixes, Disney classics, and C64-sids. You can also compete in the geek quiz for a chance to win some nerdy prizes. Visit the club dressed up in your latest cosplay-creation without getting strange looks, build massive Jenga-towers, and argue with your friends about who was really the greatest Star Trek captain.

Place: Syntax Error, Stockholm, Sweden
Date: 30th October 2021
Start: 9 PM
Admission: 10 EUR

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Syntax Error Stockholm, Hornsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden


10 EUR

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